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Celebrate 300 - Ask Your Question Here

Ask Questions & Be Part Of Episode 300

We cannot believe we made it to episode 300 and we owe it all to our listeners and the Straight Up Chicago Investor Community. Now we want to make you part of Episode 300. Give us a question you want to ask us and we will reply on the 300th episode broadcast. All names that submit will be entered into a drawing for the Chicago Fact where this special episode's prize will be $500.00.

No questions are off limit and can even be about Mark & Tom specifically if you really care to know more about us that we dont already put out there!

After you enter a question please also leave us a 5 star review on Itunes which will give you another opportunity to be part of the Chicago Fact contest in episode 300!

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Submit your 300th Episode Question Here

The fine print (sorry, but we have to):

Answers provided by Mark & Tom are intended as ideas and information. Even though such answers may be obtained from qualified professionals, they should never be construed as professional advice. Mark & Tom are not lawyers, financial planners, investment advisors, or accountants. Before you take any action or risk any money, you should always check with your own qualified professional advisors.